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with mental disabilities.
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    More than 300.000 people painted brick to support people with special needs. Will you be the next one? Join one of the biggest street art in the world!

Where we help

Organizations we cooperate with in Czech Republic this year

Caritas Třebíč


Diakonie Central Bohemia




Where we help

In 20 years of Beneficial BRICK in Czechia, we supported more than 35 projects with financial aid 1.350000 EUR

Thanks to funds raised by Beneficial Brick we were able to open or reconstruct more than 26 facilities in the Czech Republic. Those facilities provide social-care services for adult persons with mental disabilities. It's not only about providing protected housing but also about offering jobs in a sheltered workshop or helping them to freely enjoy their free time.

Money which we raised is from donors who bought a beneficial brick at our brick stands or donated online. From the beginning, over 261.000 bricks were painted on the streets. Thanks to all who support our long-time mission. Down there you can find a list of projects which were realized in a couple of last years in many cities around the Czech Republic and also names of other Czech non-profit organizations which we supported.

The main criterium of Beneficial BRICK is that every single euro we obtain by beneficial brick will help adult people with mental disabilities.



Portus Praha (main organizer)- Beneficial BRICK in city Prague 

protected housing - Fara

social-therapeutic workshop - Slapy

protected housing - Na vyhlídce

social enterprise - DOBROTY S PŘÍBĚHEM

independent housing - Prague

Pferda o.s. -  Beneficial BRICK in Hradec Kralove Region

social enterprise - pekárna Na plechu

Agentura Pondělí -  Beneficial BRICK in Usti Region

starting pack for mental disabled people, when they decide to leave protected housing

Mela - Beneficial BRICK in Central Bohemian Region

protected housing - Sendražice 

IZAP - Beneficial BRICK in Zlin region

sheltered workshop - Slunečnice 

Charita (Caritas) Třebíč - Beneficial BRICK in Vysocina Region

directive day-care center - Úsměv Třebíč 

protected housing - Domovinka Třebíč 

Charita (Caritas) Prostějov - Beneficial BRICK in Olomouc Region

protected housing  - Domov Daliborka 

social-care servis - centrum Marta

Diakonie ČCE-Diakonie Západ - Beneficial BRICK in city Pilsen

social-care servis - služba Můj 1+0 

Charita (Caritas) Brno - Beneficial BRICK in city Brno

protected housing - bydlení svatého Michaela

social rehabilitation - Kavárna Anděl 

Jurta - Beneficial BRICK in North Bohemia Region

protected flat - Děčín

protected flat - Ústí nad Labem

Proutek - Beneficial BRICK in South Bohemia Region

protected housing - Proutek v Plasné

sheltered workshop - dílny Proutek v Plasné

Diakonie ČCE- středisko Střední Čechy - Beneficial BRICK in Central Bohemia

Center of social-care services - Center of 5 services in Časlav