We are helping people with special needs to live a fulfilled life
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  • Beneficial BRICK 2019

    20th year of Beneficial BRICK starting in Czechia, paint a brick with us from 26.4.2019

What is beneficial brick

Beneficial BRICK is an international street art fundraising project for people with special needs started in Czech Republic in 1999.



why i should buy a brick

Buying a brick or donating supports people with special needs live a full filled life! Since the year 1999 more then 261000 people have supported the campaign by buying a brick or by donating. 


where the money goes

Thanks to this financial aid we have been able to open more than 35 facilities for people with special needs where they can live, work and relax. 


street art help

We connecting street art with help to the people with special needs. Right now we are also the biggest world open-public street art with more then 40 000 painters every year.


who is behind

The key organiser of the fundraising campaign is Portus Praha, NGO whose slogan is:
„Portus Prague is a haven for people with special needs to live with dignity, work, develop themselves and freely live with others a life of human being.”